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Artist Bluff

I love where I live. New Hampshire is a beautiful place and I’m pretty lucky to call this place my home. New England gets to experience all four seasons unlike many places in the states. Yes those seasons may change day by day, having fall like weather one day and summer weather the next; but there aren’t many places that get all four seasons.

I recently talked about a trip I took to Vermont, it was my first trip with other photographers and since then I realized I’ve been missing out on so much. Being able to collaborate with great content creators is wonderful. You never know who you’ll meet and connect with on different trips. It’s a great to be able to admire others work when you are with them creating the memories.

With the foliage at it’s peak in the northern part of New Hampshire, I knew I needed to get back up there before it was too late. Another last minute trip with Andrew (IG: andrew.whelan) was about to ensue. I had already been talking to Vanessa Hallliday (IG: vanessa_halliday) (who just happens to be my largest inspiration) about meeting up on Monday as she had a shoot up in Franconia Notch. So at this point I was going no matter what.

Monday came around and I jumped in the car with Andrew, his sister and his girlfriend and we headed to Artist Bluff. For those who don’t know I-93 past Plymouth in late September – early October, is a beautiful sight to see. The 35 minute drive was a beautiful one, seeing the sun cast a beautiful light on the trees was magical..

Once we got there we needed to get to the location, we get to the path and we follow the sign “Loop Trail ←” assuming that’s where we needed to go to get up there. Not knowing that the loop trail took 40 minutes instead of the 10 minute route. Nonetheless we still got there and the view was spectacular!

The best part was that when we got to the peak, I saw Vanessa. Granted we both knew that we were going to be in the same area but what’s the chance that we’d be on the bluff at the same time? And the best part was that I got to capture her in her element; behind the camera. For us photographers we never get our photos taken and it’s really rare to have behind the scene photos of us doing our work. I got to capture a beautiful moment of Vanessa capturing a beautiful memory that’ll last forever.

I know this was a long one but don’t be afraid to travel and explore. You’ll never know who you see or what you’ll do. This trip was certainly a great one, who knows what’s next. All I know is that I can’t wait for the next adventure.

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