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My Typical Fall Saturday

Let me start off and give you some background information; currently I am a junior at Plymouth State University and I work within the athletic department as their photographer. It brings joy to me knowing that I capture moments for family members of the players who might not be able to go to every game.

My Saturday usually starts around 11:30 – 12:00 depending on what team is playing. This past Saturday, like most Saturdays is a busy one. Volleyball plays at 12, 2 & 4, Women’s Soccer at 1, Tennis at 1, and Field hockey at 1 in New Hampton as well. To be honest, it’s a lot. But it’s very rewarding.

Women’s Soccer vs. Rhode Island College

Nothing beats reading the email title ‘Thank you so much!’, or ‘This makes up for me not being there today.’ Reading these emails, comments and posts with my photos, fills my heart with joy and secures my faith in my passion.

Plymouth State Volleyball Team

Even though traveling, editing and uploading constantly can be a hassle; I wouldn’t change it for the world. Yes there are some days where my school work piles up, and I am stressed beyond compare. But, sitting behind my camera, watching my friends compete provides a sense of euphoria that I can’t begin to describe. It allows me to escape from my every day stresses and do what I enjoy most!

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