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Quarantine Traditions

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, COVID-19 has brought some new traditions on that I can really get behind! 2020 brought us a word that we’ve never really used in daily context until now, quarantine. Some people call it ‘lock-down’, ‘stay-in order’, or many other things; whatever you may call it, it’s new to us.

One tradition that I would love to keep going after this is all over is the ‘Quarantine Parades’, you may ask “why the heck would we still celebrate this way?” Well, my first thought is the elderly, many long-term care facilities don’t allow a lot of people due to the risk to all of the patients. My first thought is to continue the parades after this is over, for those who are immunocompromised, going through chemo, or any other severe challenge.

Although it’s different than social norms, it’s fun and unique. Photographing this fun day for my neighbor was something fun and unexpected. Without a doubt, it’ll be something that we will be laughing in the near future. Telling our kids and grandkids, “hey 2020, was weird, we had something called ‘Quarantine Parades’, and they were so much fun!”

These photos bring so much light and joy to the people around you. Michele’s 60th is definitely one that she won’t forget. Having all of your friends and family drive around in their cars, disturbing neighbors with their horns, handing presents with gloves on, all of it. It’s something that no one ever imagined would have needed to happen, but I’m glad it did.

My question for you is, what traditions have you formed from quarantine? And of those traditions, what ones would you like to keep?

Stay safe and spread joy – Nolan

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