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The Rivalry

Plymouth State vs. Keene State

A rivalry that has been constant for years in the small state of New Hampshire. Taking home the win is more for these games. It provides a sense of pride like no other match does.

Today alone there were three matches between Plymouth and Keene; Men’s Soccer at Keene, Women’s Volleyball at Plymouth, and Women’s Soccer at Plymouth. And only two weeks ago Field Hockey won against Keene at home. Men’s soccer took a tough loss today on Keene’s home turf.

Women’s soccer had a great start to their match against Keene in Plymouth with a goal within the first 5 minutes! But it came down to the first 15 seconds in overtime for Keene to finish the game 3-2.

Volleyball took it home for Plymouth with a roaring crowd today. After a full 5 sets, the Panthers got the win. Some of the best volleyball was played today between the two teams and the Panthers deserved the win. Although this match was Plymouth’s only win today, one win is better than none. Seeing all of the energy in the crowd and team when they made the winning point was unbelievable, I don’t think I’ve ever heard such a loud crowd after such a long match.

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