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Who doesn’t like to travel? I know any time I have the chance to discover new places I know I try my hardest to go and explore. I recently had a great experience with a few local photographers. I myself have never really collaborated with any local photogs before this and I’m so happy that this happened! It all started about a month ago when my buddy Andrew Whelan (IG: andrew.whelan) reached out to me about this abandoned radar base in East Haven, Vermont. I was psyched!

I myself am not a landscape photographer. Actually, I hate doing landscapes. Well, that all changed after this trip. Andrew got together a group of about 7 local photographers, some I knew from Highschool and some I didn’t even know. There was one thing that separated me from the rest of the crowd though; they were all unbelievable at shooting landscapes. Myself, I was nowhere near the skills that these young creators have.

When the day came I was so psyched! Although there were only four of us that could actually make it that day, it was great! Andrew drove all the way there. Now, East Haven is a ways away; 80 miles from Plymouth. It was a beautiful drive all the way up to the middle of nowhere. We knew we were in a remote area when we were practically closer to Canada than any populated city in the US.

We were informed that there was a little hike in order to get to the actual site, little did we know it was 40 minutes each way. But let me tell you, that 40 minutes provided some of the best views I’ve ever seen. I don’t collaborate with many photographers often, and so this day was an amazing day. It was great to actually have people understand what I mean when I use terms like ISO, F-Stop, or FPS. I know it may seem stupid, but it’s nice to connect in a way that you don’t get to on a daily basis.

The trip was not a short one, we arrived around 2:00 PM and didn’t leave the area until about 9:00 PM. And there was a big reason for this, the Milky Way. We were all really tired in the car and ready for the long trek home, when I looked out the window and saw a beautiful sight; the Milky Way. In order to photograph the Milky Way you need clear skies and no moon or light pollution. I’ve tried in the past to take photos of the Milky Way but I’ve never seen it like I did on this night. We were there for over an hour trying to get at least a few photos of the Milky Way, and it was worth it!

I could go on and on about this trip because trust me, it was a memorable one! All I know is that was the first trip, and it most certainly won’t be the last. Get out and explore while you can, we live in a beautiful region in New England where we get to experience beautiful seasons, and take advantage of them! Get out and explore! It’ll be worth it, trust me!

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